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Genie Health is Setting a New Standard for MSK Digital Health

Genie Health’s platform is fully integrated with state-of-the-art 2D and 3D human motion capture technology and advanced analysis. At the core of the platform is a data lake that aggregates and analyzes the clinical, operational, and financial de-identified data. Advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence (ML/AI) tools present data patterns in various formats to optimize care delivery from an operational, clinical, and financial lens. These insights will shed light on recovery curves trends and normative patterns which could potentially help build predictive models that can augment the clinical decision making. Combined together, this will help providers safely guide their patients to an optimal path of recovery.

PT Genie is Accelerating Recovery & Improving the Patient Experience

PT Genie inspires daily movement and a commitment to the physical therapy program. Patient compliance – a major problem in physical therapy – improves dramatically with the use of PT Genie. Typical patient compliance with a PT protocol is around 34%. Compliance while using the PT Genie system improves to 78%.

Patient Studies

When compared to the experience of traditional therapy alone, studies of post-operative patients that used PT Genie demonstrated that patients:

  • Recovered 60% faster

  • Recorder a 50% drop in pain scores
  • Reported a 70% increase in overall patient satisfaction

The Market is Ready for PT Genie

The global digital health market is currently over $86b and is expected to surpass $504b by 2025 according to Global Market Insights, Inc. The US physical therapy market is over $37b covering 128,871 businesses, according to IBISWorld.

With the COVID-19 crisis changing the landscape of healthcare, the concern for disease control has pressed the consideration of remote solutions for physical therapy. This market force combined with the following demographic and economic factors produce a prodigious opportunity for PT Genie:

  • The growing number of individuals aged 50 and older requiring physical rehabilitation to improve mobility, relieve pain and prevent or limit physical disabilities
  • The federal government’s requirement for hospitals to lower their readmission rate to receive Medicare reimbursements
  • The need for patient connectivity remotely

Market Opportunity

Market Opportunity: Global Health Market: $86b 2018; 504b 2025. US Healthcare Spend on Orthopedic COnditions: $190b. Physical Therapy in US: $37b

Why Us?

PT Genie is uniquely positioned to advance physical therapy through the important role that telehealth has taken in this challenging environment.

The new technology that PT Genie offers is a win for both patients and care providers. The benefits are threefold: patients can continue their therapy from home; physical therapists stay connected to patients remotely for a longer period of time, and physicians receive real data on how their patients recover following surgery or chronic illness.

PT Genie provides a platform that can be monitored by all aligned stakeholders: patients, physicians, physical therapists, insurance companies, and electronic medical record platforms. It offers a Value Based Health Care = (Outcomes / costs) solution that will become ever more crucial in our changing healthcare environment.