Lance Gill
President of Lance Gill Performance
Director of Performance, Jupiter Hills Country Club
Director of Performance, TPI
Co-Director, Titleist Performance Institute Fitness Advisory Board
Lead Instructor for TPI Level 1 and Level 2 Fitness Seminars

Lance has personally taught over 10,000 experts in golf fitness, golf instruction, medicine, junior and biomechanical proficiencies.

His duties include biomechanical evaluations, physical screening, program development, practice schedule development, periodization of programs, coach education, trainer education and medical education of player staff.

With the comprehensive approach via the TPI methodology, he has helped countless tour players reach and move toward their personal goals and at the same time gain worldwide recognition for the TPI, Titleist and Acushnet brands. As the Co-Director of the Titleist Performance Institute, he works to establish protocols for player development in functional movement restoration, physical screening, strength and power screening and international player development.