Accelerate Your Recovery with PT Genie

Physical therapy (PT) is a critical aspect of orthopedic and chronic pain care and recovery. Studies overwhelmingly show that patients recover faster and with less pain when PT protocols are followed. They also show that even the most compliant patients typically do not fully complete the recommended traditional PT plan — delaying recovery. PT Genie offers a solution.

Easy-to-Use Technology

Recovery made easy, the PT Genie mobile application tracks: real biomarkers, rep tracking, speed, anatomic metrics, range of motion and mistake detection as it guides you through your rehabilitation program. Monitored corrective feedback from clinical team members on movements is offered through video calls when needed to ensure proper form, progress and recovery.

Recovery to Fit Your Lifestyle

Therapy sessions can be completed anytime, anywhere. Whether you are on the go or at home, your PT Genie session will be waiting for you. Our mobile app is available for both Android and IOS devices and can be cast to SMART TVs.

Ongoing Connection with Your Provider

PT Genie gives the care team an intuitive dashboard that monitors pain and range of motion, and the ability to intervene when the home exercise program needs adjusted — before any issues arise. PT Genie offers on-demand concierge care.

The Importance of Value

PT Genie can safely and properly guide you through your prescribed rehabilitation program with faster recovery times, less cost, optimal outcomes and best of all: it maximizes value. Most insurance covers the services.

How it Works

After your post op visit with your provider, you will be assigned your own CSS (Customer Service Specialist) who will walk you through your home exercise program. They will also walk you through downloading the app, app functions and provide you with a username and password.

Your in-app customized home exercise program will be ready to guide you anytime from anywhere. Video calls with the provider are available upon request. PT Genie is on-demand concierge care that helps you accelerate your recovery.

PT Genie mobile app screenshots

AI-powered mobile application and provider platform

PT Genie’s mobile application tracks: real body markers​, rep tracking​, speed, anatomic metrics​, range of motion, mistake detection while our provider platform creates an ongoing connection between patient and therapist to ensure the patient is recovering on track.

  • Faster Reduction of Pain and Recovery Time
  • Instant Progress Tracking Board
  • Direct Contact Between Patient and Provider
  • Convenience Saves Time and Money
  • Covered By Most Insurance

“Easy to Use”

“I enjoyed the system based on the ease of use and ability to do from home. Was motivated to continue and was able to see my progress, and if needed anything my therapist could adjust remotely without having to make a trip to the doctor office.”

Sean Luikart, Age 42

“Would Use Again”

“I was happy I could do it from home and the system was easy to use. If I needed to have any future therapy I would use this system again.” 

Annie Rose, Age 47

“Faster & Better”

“I love PT Genie! This is my second shoulder replacement and I truly believe that I have recovered faster and better than anyone I know who has had shoulder surgery. I can do my sessions anywhere. Having access to the provider each week has been extremely helpful. I did not have this weekly support with my first surgery. I am a PT Genie evangelist!”

Bruce Poorman

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