A Home Exercise Program that

Prolongs Patient EngagementRecaptures Lost Revenue

Recaptures Revenue

Our unique platform enables remote patient monitoring and the monetization of your home exercise program.

With PT Genie recovery can happen on a patient’s own time from anywhere. Take control of recovery using our hybrid care model.


Efficient in-person care.
Delivered at key points.


Virtual therapy sessions, with personalized care for optimal outcomes.

Remote Monitoring

Provider monitored exercise program offers real-time corrective feedback.

How It Works

Providers access patient’s data through an all-inclusive rehab platform to view compliance, functional improvement and recognize areas that need to be addressed.

The analysis of patient data enables providers to compare various protocols for the same conditions so that best practice rehabilitation models can be identified and leveraged for patients and providers.

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The provider registers the patient’s data into the platform so PT Genie knows their diagnosis or what procedure they will have and what protocol to place them in. The provider also registers their date of surgery, if applicable, so that they are ‘escorted’ through the protocol in ‘real time’

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PT Genie Customer Care Specialists provides patients with app download and login instructions that demonstrate how to use the app to follow the prescribed PT program.

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Patients use the PT Genie app and are monitored by the existing healthcare team of providers.

Watch our 2-minute video on why providers choose PT Genie.

Accelerating Recovery

PT Genie inspires daily movement and a commitment to the physical therapy program. A study of post-operative patients that used PT Genie demonstrated…

Faster Recovery
Reduction in Pain
Increase in Patient Satisfaction

Real-World Outcomes

Powered by A.I. technology to deliver real-time data and world-class recovery. 

PT Genie offers improved patient compliance and satisfaction with faster reduction in pain and recovery times. Progress is recorded and delivered to the healthcare team in real time to ensure patients get the help they need to stick with the program.

New, Ancillary Revenue

Drive new avenues of ancillary revenues while patients simultaneously save money and time.

Our platform enables you to drive new, ancillary revenue by implementing the hybrid model into current practice. Capture significant additional revenue through virtual billings for remote patient monitoring.

21st Century Care

A single platform that is ahead of the digital transformation of healthcare.

Modernizes the practice while improving revenue with less staff, space, overhead and risk.

Reduces Costs

Many insurances cover the services and if not, the cost is less than a daily coffee.

Our platform is tailored to help capture, document and bundle remote patient monitoring (RPM) and telehealth codes, allowing for a simple method of billing. Also, the program will cost patients less and help them recover faster.

Why Partner With Us?

Trusted by some of the most respected clinics…

Our mission is to master an understanding of human movement in order to maximize patient physical performance and optimize their quality of life

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