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Sports Genie is a Genie platform module that uses the latest 2D and 3D technology to analyze athletic and sports-related movements. The digital assessments help prevent and reduce the risk of sports injuries while the screenings allow for engagement opportunities with athletic populations.

ACL risk, concussion (vestibular) testing, full body performance assessment, pitch motion, swing motion, and more can be assessed using our 2D to 3D modules on any mobile device or can be augmented with in-person true 3D analysis in clinic.

Easy Set-Up and Reporting

Our in-clinic or at-school screenings allow for complex 3D tri-planar assessments using a simple iPad with no sensors or complex set-up.  AI and computer vision can swiftly determine MSK baselines and potential problems using digital measurements and are standardized using the best data in sports therapy. Analyze 3D functional movement patterns in minutes to create customized plans of care based on specific needs.

Providers can use objective reporting to optimize treatments and track patient progression. The single click data capture and automated reporting makes Sports Genie the ultimate differentiator for any sports therapy clinic.

Advanced Technology

Sports Genie’s 3D sensor gathers movement data using an iPad. Set up and assessments take mere minutes, and the generated report allows providers to show an athlete objective representation of movement immediately. The platform reports key insights and depicts trend data in a way that allows patients and providers to see progress over time and adjust therapy accordingly.

Remove Diagnostic Guesswork

  • HIPAA-Compliant Cloud Storage

  • View Movements in Real-Time or Recorded Video Analysis

  • Data Immediately Stored and Extracted Anytime to Study Trends

  • Reports Show When, How and Where Improvements are Happening