Tech Roadmap and Plan for 2024

Genie Health’s executive team is led by practicing MSK providers who are living the fundamental MSK shift happening in the healthcare space. 

Our leadership is qualified to lead the evolution of MSK care and is building an integrated, single point solution that combines the best technology, providers, and processes for a full warp around care platform.  

Genie Care Pathways

First Quarter 2024 

Coming next month is Genie Care Pathways. This new program will allow our providers to deploy home exercises in a pre-programmed templated manner based upon various conditions and acuities that contain: 

          • outcome measures 
          • symptom surveys 
          • educational videos and documents. 

Second Quarter 2024 

In Q2, we will introduce Genie Navigator, a digital front door which will help triage patients, segment based on acuity and other factors, and ensure that they are appropriately and promptly scheduled to be seen by the right provider at the appropriate time

Digital Front Door

We have evolved our core computer vision technology to allow continued asynchronous motion capture and analysis Allowing our tech to “see” the transverse plane and identify and analyze more complex motions. This new capability, coupled with FMS protocols, digitize the objective assessment to give the practitioner as much data up front as possible to speed workflows and time to a clinical impression (diagnosis) and creation of an appropriate care plan. 

Tracking the Transverse Plane

Genie Health is continuing to expand our footprint with our brick-and-mortar providers to allow them to create a true hybrid MSK solution. Helping them to reduce the burden on their brick-and-mortar companies to: 

                        • Increase treatment space 
                        • Schedule patients quicker 
                        • Improve the capture rate 
                        • Increase therapist case load 
                        • Reduce patient costs  
                        • Reduce payer costs 
                        •  Improve net revenue  
                        •  Improved consumer convenience 
                        • Improve overall capture rate  

We continue to stay at the forefront of the digital healthcare space with our multiple point solutions that are integrated into one platform. Our evolving tech will allow our partners to continue to thrive in the fee-for-service world as we expand to serve both direct-to-employer and value-based-care models.  

Stay tuned, as 2024 will be a huge year for Genie and our partners. 

For more information, contact Tim Hedke