One Unified Platform
For Complete MSK Care

Genie Health’s hybrid care model combines the best of digital and in-person care, delivering better outcomes and lower costs across risk models.

From digital PT to surgical care, we cover the entire range of MSK treatments

Genie Health manages wrap-around MSK care through direct contracts with leading providers, integrating local orthopedic experts and advanced technology.

We connect you with the right clinicians at the right time to minimize unnecessary expenses and deliver better outcomes.

high-quality care

360° coverage across the entire episode of care


Smart navigation
and 24/7 support

Guided care and triage for evidence-based pathways


Guaranteed savings,
starting now

Tangible, guaranteed savings and cost-control

One powerful, easy-access platform

Whether you need preventative care, physical therapy, surgery, or a combination of each, we deliver. We connect you with the right clinicians at the right time to minimize unnecessary expenses and deliver better outcomes.

At-home PT enhanced
by precision AI

yoga lady genie health
Live and asynchronous care

Virtual and in-person
expert clinicians

Hybrid model and next-generation COE

Tech-enabled, bundled
surgical care

Digital care pathways augmenting trusted local experts

How we work together to achieve better outcomes at reduced costs

The key to solving the MSK cost battle is bridging the gap between traditional and digital MSK health solutions.

Only a comprehensive end-to-end solution can impact patient experience, outcomes, and cost. Capture, control, and coordinate the entire journey of care.





Lowering healthcare costs by raising the bar

360° ownership of the care pathway enables:

  • Comprehensive, continuous care
  • No silos or drop-offs
  • Remote monitoring and engagement
  • Incentives to deliver best outcomes
  • Cost containment
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Minimum improvement
prior to discharge
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Lower, fixed cost for
conservative care
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Savings on surgery & PAC
with guaranteed outcomes

The 30% of people who ‘fail’ virtual PT will go on to incur the greatest costs.

With most digital MSK services, people who are not sufficiently treated through virtual care return to ‘the system’ or go straight to surgery.

By coordinating the entire ecosystem, Genie gets you to the best care quickly, with appropriate, stepped care.

The Genie difference

We know MSK. Purpose-built by orthopedic specialists.

continuum of care

Provide the full spectrum of care, from low-acuity wellness to post-operative surgical interventions.



Direct contracts with physicians and surgical centers ensures quality of care and cost.


Transparent &
sensible pricing

Stepped care pathways and bundled pricing offer a cost-effective structure.

The next-generation Center of Excellence

Get support through every session and every condition with coordinated care navigation. A dedicated care team stays with you all the way.

  • Increased engagement and therapy adherence
  • 24/7 connection to care teams
  • Remote monitoring
  • Peri-operative and post-operative support

Trusted by Clinical experts

We know MSK. Purpose-built by orthopedic specialists.
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All the benefits of digital MSK, none of the limitations

The best care drives the best value with tangible, guaranteed savings.


Virtual-only MSK only goes halfway

  • It doesn’t address the entire episode of care.
  • It has yet to prove value beyond hypothetical surgical avoidance.

Many digital MSK platforms measure value in surgical avoidance, but that’s not your primary cost or the best treatment.

Delaying more intensive interventions when they are clearly indicated can worsen outcomes, lead to paradoxically higher costs, and cause unnecessary pain.

Our fast virtual triage ensures you get expedited to the right level of care. If surgery becomes necessary, we have direct contracts with local orthopedic experts to provide trusted, compassionate care, with pre- and post-surgical support.

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