Catalyze your practice

Genie is a turnkey solution for orthopedic providers to deliver hybrid care that accelerates growth, drives revenue, and unlocks expansion pathways.

Strategic practice growth

Our “plug-and-play” platform combines on-site and remote services with innovative
technology, enabling providers to easily deliver advanced hybrid care.

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Expand reach

Develop new programs and partnerships, increase capture, and expand revenue channels.


Advance outcomes

Deepen engagement and patient support for improved adherence and therapeutic outcomes.


Scale Operations

Easily add new services, without major development costs. Deploy new service lines such as chronic care, pain management, virtual PT, and more.


Streamline workflows

Simplify shared services and reduce clicks with automated outcomes reporting and claims processing.

Free up time for patient care and improve patient outcomes with evidence-based solutions.

Tap into added value

Boost patient outcomes with adaptive hybrid care programs that improve motivation and therapy adherence.

Remote therapeutic monitoring

Extend care into the home and manage compliance with our HIPAA-compliant and FDA-registered platform. Gain real-time insights into patient activity, status, and recovery through continuous monitoring.

Patient insights & engagement

Enhance patient engagement and treatment outcomes with interactive features that boost adherence, satisfaction, and retention. In-app exercises, or ‘ virtual PT’ ensure safe, effective recovery while capturing clinically relevant data.

Advanced analytics & AI

Deliver smarter care with integrated computer vision, AI, and machine learning, enabling predictive modeling, decision support, and personalized treatment plans informed by objective patient data.

Optimize time spent on patient care by reducing administrative tasks

Streamline your practice with automated reporting, financial analysis, and data analytics.

Program and ancillary development

Grow your practice by expanding facilities or adding new ancillary services. Genie is customizable to fit your needs as opportunities arise.


Communication & collaboration

Achieve a seamless patient experience and unified management through secure, integrated communication and EMR interoperability, ensuring coordinated care among surgeons, PTs, and other clinicians.


Data-driven insights & reporting

Gain clear visibility into your practice with our analytics and reporting tools. Efficiently measure performance, analyze patient trends, and uncover insights to enhance care delivery.

Revenue Cycle Management

Optimize patient access, point of care, and medical billing to enhance practice performance.

Easily scale your practice without additional admin staffing. Genie works around and within your existing workflows, no complex configuration required.

Get High Tech

Serious engineering power puts you ahead of the curve. Get equipped today to engage in the future of MSK care delivery.
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Access a comprehensive cross-platform data foundation with diverse interfaces and feeds. Our ML/AI tools analyze data patterns across operations, clinical, and finance to uncover trends and recovery patterns. These insights aid in predictive modeling for clinical decision‑making and safer patient recovery.
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Minimum improvement
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Lower, fixed cost for
conservative care
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Lower, fixed cost for
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Savings on surgery & PAC
with guaranteed outcomes

Break free from traditional payment models

Make fee-for-service work for you while setting up your practice to transition to value-based care. Whether savings, shared risk, or full-risk models, we’ll get you where you want to go. 

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