Age and Location No Barrier to Full Recovery with PT Genie

When Tim Pfeiffer’s 90-year-old mom, Lorrie, fell during a visit, he was obviously concerned about how he was going to manage her recovery. She was visiting from snowy Chicago and there to spend some quality family time and to play some golf.

Lorrie-and-TimAfter consulting with Dr. Kevin Kruse at Texas Orthopedic Associates, they determined that she did not need surgery. She had fallen between her shoulder and elbow, fracturing her humerus, a break in the shoulder at the top of the upper arm.

Tim knew Lorrie would make a great physical therapy patient, so together with the doctor, they decided a physical therapy regimen would likely bring her back to full function.

Tim was worried about how he was going to balance getting to work and his mom to physical therapy sessions, and hoped the clinic was close to his home. Luckily for Tim and Lorrie, Dr. Kruse was an early adopter of PT Genie, a telerehabilitation platform that allows patients to do their physical therapy exercises at home, but still stay in touch with their providers without having to drive to the clinic.

After resting her arm in a sling for three and a half weeks, Lorrie began her personalized PT protocol as prescribed. She was determined to fully recover and followed the exercises two times per day using pain as her guide.

“Four months later, mom is able to do all of her daily activities, with the exception of fixing the back of her hair the way she likes it,” says Tim. “We all noticed a difference right away with her mobility and movements. If an exercise hurt, she would just stop doing it and report the pain level in the app. She is a golfer, was up for the challenge to push herself, and it worked,” says Tim.

New technology can be a challenge for some older adults, but the client service specialists at Texas Orthopedics were incredibly helpful in walking Lorrie through the app functionality. “I was extremely delighted with PT Genie. The app is totally user-friendly, and I am just being introduced to this type of technology. I thoroughly enjoyed doing the virtual exercises. They are very easy to comprehend, and I like the text and graphics for each exercise,” says Lorrie.

“I would much rather exercise in the convenience of my own home than drive to a facility. The entire program and staff were most accommodating and kind throughout my rehabilitation. I am extremely pleased with the entire program. As a matter of fact, I am continuing with all the exercises daily even though I’ve been cleared,” says Lorrie. “PT Genie is a win-win for everybody. It took all the logistical stress out of the equation for us. The in-home therapy was a true blessing,” says Tim.

“Lorrie and Tim’s experience validates this technology.  It shows that what PT genie is doing is creating tremendous value for our patients while dramatically improving outcomes.  We are very happy with the product,” says Dr. Kruse.

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