IJSPT Sponsored by PT Genie


Research is an important value for PT Genie, which is why we are a sponsor of the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy, or IJSPT. IJSPT is an international, open access, peer-reviewed bimonthly journal dedicated to publishing the latest research and clinical cases related to clinically relevant evidence, trends, and practices. Its purpose is to advance and improve the rehabilitation and care of athletes and recreationally active individuals throughout the world.  

In a recent interview with IJSPT, PT Genie co-founder and CEO Dr. Gobezie discusses the importance of their partnership. “PT Genie really started as a behavioral study using technology and sort of blossomed into a commercial product [because of what’s happened] in the CMS marketplace,” said Gobezie. Because of these roots, PT Genie values continuing to fund research in the physical therapy field. “We wanted to support that [research] because PT Genie after all is about new ideas…and really grappling with [those] problems. We’re a big believer that it’s an investment in our collective future, and that’s why we do it.” 

About PTGenie 

PTGenie enables a combination of traditional in-person care; virtual customized physical therapy sessions; and remote patient monitoring that is provider monitored, offering real-time corrective feedback. Providers access patient data through an all-inclusive rehab platform to view compliance, functional improvement and recognize areas that need to be addressed. The analysis of patient data enables providers to compare various protocols for the same conditions so that best practice rehabilitation models can be identified and leveraged for patients and providers. Practices can leverage PT Genie’s network of PT/ATCs or utilize their own team. For more information, please contact sales@ptgenie.com. 

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