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Alliance Care Technologies Partners with PT Genie
to Optimize Physiotherapy Efficiency, Patient Outcomes,
and Enterprise Value

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates (28, January 2020) – Alliance Care Technologies Inc. and PT Genie are pleased to announce a partnership for international marketing and distribution of PT Genie’s solution for optimizing patient recovery and satisfaction through monitored physical therapy. PT Genie enables providers to measure their patient’s progress throughout their physical therapy protocol and keeps them connected with patients remotely. When using PT Genie, patients recovered 60 percent faster, their pain was reduced by 50 percent and they reported a 70 percent increase in satisfaction with their PT program.

Michele Tarnow, President & CEO of Alliance Care Technologies (ACT) expressed excitement in adding PT Genie to its line of AI driven healthcare solutions. “PT Genie is a great solution for us as we strive to provide the most comprehensive line of tools for providers to optimize care across the continuum of care and enhance patient centric excellence,” said Ms. Tarnow upon the signing of this agreement. ACT sees value for providers and payers in the ability to improve patient compliance and more closely monitor and tailor treatment to deliver excellent recovery outcomes.

PT Genie is a patented interactive physical therapy system that guides patients through their exercises in the clinic and remotely while measuring their progress. Through wearable sensors and a simple app on a tablet, PT Genie provides an immediate connection between patient and healthcare provider. The system motivates patients to stick with their exercises and sends feedback to their provider when intervention is needed. Patient data enables healthcare providers to better measure quality patient outcomes and show value following medical procedures and recovery.

“We are pleased to partner with ACT, given their leadership in healthcare innovation and their focus on value-based care,” said Dave MacIntosh, CEO, PT Genie. We greatly look forward to bringing PT Genie to the international markets and sharing its benefits with patients, providers and payors.”

PT Genie provides patients with the personal direction they need. It helps them through exercise and rehabilitation plans, teaches new exercises, guides sessions, and provides real-time instruction and feedback that encourages the patient to complete the exercise properly. In the US, PT Genie has demonstrated the ability to improve patient compliance from 34% to 78%. Physiotherapists can adjust treatment remotely. For providers, detailed data of patient activity and progress status is captured and integrated into the patient medical record. PT Genie Demo Video.

Alliance Care Technologies (ACT) leads the healthcare marketplace, developing and providing advanced clinical tools and resources to hospitals, outpatient clinics, physicians and allied service providers. ACT brings to market a range of healthcare services. For clinical and hospital settings, ACT provides proven analytical patented AI-based machine learning tools that improve clinical outcomes while significantly reducing costs. For outpatient care, ACT offers a range of innovative products and services with applications from the laboratory bench to the patient bedside. Overall ACT brings unique value to the healthcare community, providing customers with advanced solutions addressing their most pressing healthcare delivery challenges. Other solutions provided by ACT: Medical Value SolutionsTM, CureMetrixTM, Research GroupTM, KZATM, Physician’s News NetworkTM.

PT Genie
PT Genie is a digital health company providing in-clinic and remote physical therapy that keeps patients connected with their providers to drive improved outcomes. A wearable device that keeps patients motivated, measures their progress and enables providers to more closely monitor outcomes, PT Genie is advancing physical therapy to new levels. Through PT Genie, healthcare providers have a way to measure their patients — as well as their own — success. Learn more at


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