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Tech Roadmap

New Exercise Protocols 

As part of this latest update, 200 new exercises focused on vestibular and pelvic health will be added to our ever-growing library of 1,400 home exercises.  These exercises enhance the diversity and effectiveness of rehabilitation programs available to patients. 

Integration Updates and Enhancements 

The integration between Genie Health and some of our partner’s systems via API feeds facilitates the automation of various tasks, including patient account creation, scheduling, and HEP prescription. This seamless integration enhances operational efficiency and ensures a smoother experience for both clinicians and patients. 

New Credentials 

In addition, Genie Health is introducing the Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) credential within its system, providing clinicians with the ability to assign this credential as needed, further expanding the scope of care offered through the platform. 

New App Design 

The mobile app user experience has significant enhancements, with all-new designs aimed at improving usability and accessibility. The exercise performance screen now features innovative text-to-speech capabilities, allowing clinicians to provide personalized tips and guidance to patients during their exercise routines. The app “talks” to patients when the provider is texting a short message. 

These updates underscore Genie Health’s dedication to innovation and excellence in healthcare technology. With these advancements, Genie Health and our partners aim to revolutionize the way physical therapy is delivered, ensuring better outcomes and experiences for patients and clinicians alike. 

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Q1 Tech Roadmap