What Sets Genie Health Apart from Hinge Health, Kaia and Sword

PT Genie, LLC, the origin of Genie Health, was born out of a collaboration between two practicing, orthopedic surgeons, Drs. Reuben Gobezie and Laurence Higgins, and founded on patient monitoring research that extended physical therapy protocols to ensure the best possible post-surgery outcomes. The company’s mission is and has always been to provide patients and providers with a superior MSK experience. 

Genie Health’s platform analyzes and helps providers manage and monitor their patient’s orthopedic conditions. With secure video, Genie is fully integrated with 2D and 3D motion capture technology for biometric tracking and analysis. 

The robust Genie Health platform evolved over the last five years to a complete solution from onboarding through billing that is not tied to any one workflow but embedded in the known workflows of orthopedic and physical therapy practices. It is fueling the trend of remote patient care by bringing AI technology out of a lab and into the hands of providers — empowering them with the ability to provide personalized care for patients.  

Competitors in the Digital MSK Space 

Several large players in this space focus on payer and employer solutions, namely Kaia Health, Hinge Health and Sword. These companies have bypassed the traditional orthopedic providers andGenieHealthSwordHingeKaia have offered a direct-to-consumer virtual platform that allows easy access to the plan’s members as a first contact in pain care (to avoid contact with orthopedic care and in-office physical therapy.) Additionally, Kaia uses computer vision technology, focuses on health coaching and does not offer physical therapy telehealth services. Sword relies on sensors to track motion. Hinge Health has been transitioning from sensors to computer vision.  

All three companies claim to prevent MSK costs, by avoiding physical therapists and medical doctors through home exercise programs based on a user’s non-operative pain condition. They often use health coaches that steer patients to low cost MSK alternatives before escalating to a physical therapist. Kaia does not escalate to PT telehealth. All three are focused on primary prevention and have little if no solution for post operative patients. 

The Genie Health Advantage 

The Genie platform is engineered with contemporary clinical workflows and best practices in mind. Genie Health established this category in 2018 and has evolved to have computer vision objective ROM tracking, pain tracking, outcome measures and surveys, secure messaging, educational resources, and telehealth for both non-operative and perioperative journeys. 

The practicing physicians and physical therapists that run Genie Health have worked endlessly to create a platform that bolts onto a practice’s existing EHR and workflow for a seamless experience for both the practice and the patients. Modules such as a digital front door, self-triage, occupational health (woRx), and Sports Genie have been developed and are now offering a complete MSK platform. 

Genie Health elevates our partners to allow them to thrive in a digital MSK space, enabling them to go direct to employers or payers with a full-service offering. Shared risk, bundles and at-risk models are all possible with Genie Health partnership.

The Patient/Provider Connection 

Most importantly, the Genie Health platform creates an ongoing connection between patient and provider throughout the lifecycle of that patient. With successful integration into some of the largest orthopedic groups, hospitals, VBC multi-disciplinary groups, and physical therapy retail chains Genie Health continues to drive the MSK digital health industry forward. For more information, contact sales@genie.health 

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