Risk Management and Rehabilitation


Collect. Compare. Correct. Compete.

Pre-employment and continual “industrial athlete” screenings can be done systematically and remotely through video capture assessment technology. Identify risk, areas of concern, suggest ergonomic corrections, and maintain the health of your workers in an efficient and effective manner with our WoRx platform. 

Deploying an occupational health module in today’s world relies on technology and a seamless hybrid (in-person and telehealth) solution. Onsite clinics can be manned from afar with our virtual on demand consultations. Ergonomic screening can be done through our remote video capture on a simple smartphone and sent in for in depth automated analysis using computer vision and machine learning technology.  Contact us to learn more.  

WoRx Genie is a complete occupational medicine platform.

We offer ergonomic assessments through video capture motion analysis via mobile device, or 3D-enabled iPad.

  • Pre-Screen: Performance Assessments

  • Risk: Measure Work Task Injury Risk

  • Assessments: Ergonomic via Video Capture Motion Analysis

  • Rehabilitation: Virtual Therapy, Hybrid Care

  • Triage: Assess and Escalate through Mobile Device