Azalea Orthopedics, A Division Of Ortholonestar Utlizes Innovative Digital Physical Therapy (Pt) Platform For Patient Care

Genie Health platform proven to improve PT compliance rates 

Genie Health (formerly PT Genie, LLC) is proud to announce a new partnership with Azalea Orthopedics, a founding division of OrthoLoneStar, PLLC in Texas. It is the second founding practice of OrthoLoneStar to adopt the company’s innovative, AI-powered, digital physical therapy mobile app and platform. Physicians at Texas Orthopaedic Associates have been utilizing Genie Health’s offering for patient care since early 2021.  

The alliance will optimize patient recovery and satisfaction through a mobile app that uses real body markers to track reps, speed, anatomic metrics, range of motion and mistake detection. Genie Health’s platform enables providers to measure their patient’s progress throughout their physical therapy protocol and keeps them connected with patients remotely.  

“We recently incorporated Genie Health into our total joint practice as an additional method to provide physical therapy for nonoperative, as well as Preop/postoperative, protocols. For the motivated patient as well as the rural patients with cumbersome drives, this has been an excellent addition to the armamentarium we can provide to our total joint patients. Especially in the world of value-based care, this provides a low cost and high-quality option for a large portion of our patients with minimal disruption to workflow in a high-volume practice. Most importantly, patients love it too,” says Dr. Ken Kaminski of Azalea Orthopedics. 

According to Genie Health patient surveys, when using the Genie Health platform, patients recovered 60 percent faster, their pain was reduced by 50 percent, and they reported a 90 percent increase in satisfaction with their traditional PT program.* 

“We are incredibly proud to bring our platform to more patients in East Texas. Our platform provides genuine value for orthopedic surgeons and physical therapy providers, giving them the ability to maintain closer relationships with their patients and tailor treatment to deliver excellent recovery outcomes,” says Tim Hedke, Chief Financial and Operations Officer of Genie Health.  

About Azalea Orthopedics 

Azalea Orthopedics is privileged to have served East Texas for more than 20 years. Azalea Orthopedics is composed of nationally recognized surgeons and physicians who sub-specialize to benefit our patients. Our group is dedicated to continuously improving and providing cutting-edge technology, forged with conventional wisdom and practical, proven methods to improve patients’ lives. 

For more information about Azalea Orthopedics, visit our website at To schedule an appointment at any of our East Texas locations, call us at 903-939-7500. 

About Genie Health 

Genie Health is an innovative digital health platform providing turnkey solutions for virtual musculoskeletal (MSK) care and patient engagement using AI-based computer vision technology. Genie has extensive experience delivering remote patient monitoring through orthopedic provider practices. Purpose-built by providers for providers, the Genie platform fully integrates with provider EMRS and workflows. Physical therapists and athletic trainers have been able to efficiently deploy the digital platform, driving compliance rates approaching 75%. 

Genie’s product line of digital MSK solutions includes; PT Genie for physical therapy, Sports Genie for remote monitoring, functional movement screenings and athletic injury prevention, and WoRx Genie for occupational health risk management. 

For more information about Genie Health, contact 

*As presented at both the American Physical Therapy Association and American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons annual meetings in 2023. 



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