(November 29, 2023, Orlando, FL) – Genie Health (formerly PT Genie) is proud to announce a new partnership with Orlando Orthopaedic Center. The alliance will optimize patient recovery and satisfaction through an innovative, digital physical therapy (PT) platform. Genie Health’s platform and mobile app enables providers to measure their patients’ progress throughout their physical therapy protocol and keeps them connected with patients remotely.  

When using Genie Health patients recover 60 percent faster, their pain can be reduced by 50 percent, and they report a 90 percent increase in satisfaction with their  Genie Health program compared to traditional PT.*  

Using AI-powered motion-detection technology, Genie Health’s mobile app guides users through their home-based exercise program using anatomic metrics and body markers to track reps, speed, and range of motion. It also ensures proper form and offers instant corrective feedback. The platform delivers real-time feedback to Orlando Orthopaedic Center and creates an ongoing connection between patient and provider to ensure that the individualized, prescribed plan of care is being followed. 

“This platform provides genuine value for physical therapy providers, giving them the ability to improve patient compliance and more closely monitor and tailor treatment to deliver excellent recovery outcomes,” says Tim Hedke, Chief Financial and Operations Officer of Genie Health.  

About Orlando Orthopaedic Center

Since 1972, Orlando Orthopaedic Center has remained independently owned and has grown to include 26 orthopaedic specialists across multiple subspecialties, many of whom are recognized leaders amongst their peers nationwide. The team at Orlando Orthopaedic Center delivers cost-effective, accessible, comprehensive coordinated patient care throughout Central Florida and beyond. 

Orlando Orthopaedic Center offers 9 convenient locations throughout Central Florida, plus a state-of-the-art outpatient surgery center at our downtown campus. Orlando Orthopaedic Center offers in-house diagnostic testing services as well as physical rehabilitation services to encompass its patients’ continuity of care. To provide more immediate care, Orlando Orthopaedic Center has opened several orthopaedic injury walk-in clinics located throughout Orlando and the surrounding communities. 

“At Orlando Orthopaedic Center, we are constantly striving to enhance our patients’ continuity of care by providing a concierge approach to care navigation to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction. We are excited to partner with Genie Health to offer a high quality, accessible, and affordable solution for physical rehabilitation for either conservative treatment or post-surgical intervention recovery,” says Dylan Ferson, Director of Ancillary Services of Orlando Orthopaedic Center.  

For more information about Orlando Orthopaedic Center, contact dferson@orlandoortho.com. 

About Genie Health 

 Genie Health is an innovative digital health platform providing turnkey solutions for virtual musculoskeletal (MSK) care and patient engagement using AI-based computer vision technology. Genie has extensive experience delivering remote patient monitoring through orthopedic provider practices. Purpose-built by providers for providers, the Genie platform fully integrates with provider EMRS and workflows. Physical therapists and athletic trainers have been able to efficiently deploy the digital platform, driving compliance rates approaching 75%. 

Genie’s product line of digital MSK solutions includes; PT Genie for physical therapy, Sports Genie for remote monitoring, functional movement screenings and athletic injury prevention, and WoRx Genie for occupational health risk management. 

For more information about Genie Health, contact kelly@genie.health. 

*Research presented at AAOS and APTA annual conferences in 2023.   


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