Dr. Gobezie Shares Thoughts on Physical Therapy and Value-Based Care

It is clear that for the last 15 years the primary care physician has been proclaimed the ‘gatekeeper’ to healthcare in America. There have been billions of dollars invested over the last decade, in particular, in the consolidating of large primary care groups in order to drive margins, particularly in the Medicare Advantage space, and control the healthcare spend by attempting to change healthcare delivery. However, a new ‘reality’ is increasingly being acknowledged by the employers and payors whose healthcare plan members are those who are still working and on employer, or commercial, insurance plans. This reality is summarized by the following facts:

  • 27% of the total cost of care for commercial insurance is spent on MSK services
  • Myriad data and publications demonstrating the importance of a ‘PT-First’ strategy in dramatically reducing total MSK spend including
    • 30% reduction in imaging
    • Up to 68% reduction in surgeries
    • 70% reduction in ER visits for non-emergent MSK problems
  • 76% of employers rank MSK conditions as top 3 cost drivers

Read the complete article courtesy of IJSPT and the National Library of Medicine.

Physical Therapy and Value-Based Care (VBC)…The Future is Now! – PMC (nih.gov)

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