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ORLANDO, FL AND BOLINGBROOK, IL– July 27, 2023 – ATI Physical Therapy (“ATI” or the “Company”), a nationally recognized rehabilitation provider, today announced a strategic partnership with Genie Health (formerly known as PT Genie), a leader in the digital MSK healthcare space. At full maturity, the goal of the innovative partnership is to create a hybrid-care model linking nationwide virtual physical therapy with hands-on care in more than 900 clinics in 24 states.

The partnership is expected to expand ATI’s digital care capabilities that have delivered 150,000 telehealth visits for more than 12,500 patients since 2020. The combined platform will add computer vision-driven remote monitoring through Genie Health’s innovative MSK healthcare platform, which is rooted in AI (Artificial Intelligence).

The first phase of the relationship will enable ATI to deploy a hybrid model of healthcare, delivering remote monitoring services alongside its nationwide telehealth and in-office therapy network of practices. ATI specializes in physical therapy, workers’ compensation rehabilitation, employer worksite solutions, sports medicine, and a variety of specialty therapies.

By leveraging the use of Genie’s technology, this partnership is expected to enable ATI to offer advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence (ML/AI) tools to present data patterns in various formats in the long-term. These capabilities are intended to optimize patient care delivery from an operational, clinical, and a financial lens. The aim is to gain insights that will shed light on recovery curve trends and normative patterns that could help build predictive models to augment clinical decision-making. Altogether, the intent is to help providers safely guide their patients to an optimal path of recovery.

“This partnership will allow us to expand patient access through this exciting business partnership expanding our digital capabilities,” said Dr. Chuck Thigpen, PhD, PT, ATC, Senior Vice President of Clinical Excellence, ATI Physical Therapy. “We expect to provide broader access to our outstanding patient care while also exploring a range of innovative commercial possibilities.”

The product offering is a patient-facing telehealth and remote monitoring digital solution to be branded as “CONNECT™, powered by Genie Health.”

“This partnership will allow us to dramatically expand our reach by adding over 2,500 new providers and 400,000 new patients annually to our platform and gives us the opportunity to work with a nationally

recognized company whose corporate culture aligns with ours,” said Tim Hedke, COO of Genie Health. “Most importantly, it can provide ATI patients with better access to high-quality care and help to improve and enhance the therapist-patient relationship.”

The partnership further solidifies Genie Health as a leader in digital healthcare and innovation in the MSK space.

About ATI Physical Therapy

At ATI Physical Therapy, we are passionate about potential. Every day, we restore it in our patients and activate it in our team members in our more than 900 locations in 24 states. With outcomes from more than 3 million unique patient cases, ATI is making strides in the industry by setting quality standards designed to deliver predictable outcomes for our patients with musculoskeletal (MSK) issues. ATI’s offerings span across a broad spectrum for MSK-related issues. From preventative services in the workplace and athletic training support to outpatient clinical services and online physical therapy via our online platform, CONNECT™, a complete list of our service offerings can be found at ATI is based in Bolingbrook, Illinois. For more information about ATI, contact Rob Manker at

About Genie Health

Genie Health is an innovative provider of physical therapy and healthcare services, delivering turnkey solutions for virtual musculoskeletal (MSK) care and patient engagement using AI-driven computer vision technology. Genie Health has extensive experience in the marketplace with remote patient monitoring through orthopedic provider practices and whose platform fully integrates with provider EMRS and workflows. Physical therapists and athletic trainers have been able to deploy the digital platform efficiently and with compliance rates approaching 75%.

They are now focused on delivering digital MSK solutions in three categories – physical therapy, virtual remote monitoring for functional movement screenings and athletic injury prevention and occupational health risk management, which is reflected in its sub brands, PT Genie, Sports Genie and woRx genie.

For more information about Genie Health, contact Kelly Millet at

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