Genie Health and 3MotionAI Announce Partnership


ORLANDO, March 8, 2023 — Genie Health (formerly known as PT Genie), a leader in the digital MSK healthcare space today announced a technology partnership with 3motionAI, a provider of a powerful and proprietary Computer Vision 3DNeuroNNET Engine for motion performance.

Using the 3DNeuroNET Engine, enabled RomAI, an advanced movement analysis module that encompasses a library of functional movements, sports-specific movements, and range of motion measurements. Genie Health selected 32 different tests within RomAI, securing a handful that they felt were most applicable to their business model.

A Partnership for Future Innovation

The partnership aims to further enhance digital healthcare and innovation in the MSK space.

As Genie Health continues to expand further into the sports medicine and occupational health space, it wanted to enhance its video assessment technology for deeper, more effective patient assessments and analysis. 3motionAI offered a solution that they could go to market with quickly and that would offer 3D analysis of 2D images. They knew 3motionAI’s technology was more sophisticated than what is currently available in the market, so their decision to partner with them was simple.

Genie Health and 3motionAI will also work together with the goal of developing fully integrated AI healthcare applications and solutions that assess, triage and manage patients.

“This partnership aims to further enhance our ability to track and analyze human motion while providing innovative physical therapy and remote patient monitoring services,” said Reuben Gobezie, MD, Founder & CEO of Genie Health. “Most importantly, it signifies Genie Health’s commitment to foster investment in its computer vision and neural network capabilities by developing innovative MSK healthcare solutions rooted in AI that gives access to high-quality care to patients, improves and enhances the provider-patient relationship and provides additional source of revenue to providers.”

“We look forward to deploying our technology in the orthopedic space with a company that has successfully fostered and maintained successful relationships with many top orthopedic practices in the United States,” said Reed Hanoun, CEO of 3motionAI. “We look forward to many years of collaboration.”

About PT Genie, a division of Genie Health

PT Genie, a division of Genie Health, is an innovative provider of physical therapy and healthcare services, delivering turnkey solutions for quality musculoskeletal (MSK) care and patient engagement using advanced technologies. They are one of only a few in the PT market that can digitally assess MSK problems and provide customized remote rehabilitation.  Physical therapists and athletic trainers have been able to deploy the digital platform efficiently and with compliance rates approaching 75%.

They are now focused on delivering digital MSK solutions in three categories – physical therapy, MSK virtual injury risk assessment and occupational health risk management, which is reflected in its sub brands, PT Genie, Sports Genie and woRx genie.

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About 3motionAI

3motionAI’s platform enables the most innovative companies to leverage AI through access to robust human profiling data, supporting both physical and cognitive assessment and performance. Their pre-configured human profiling modules support the quick and low-cost deployment of AI-driven human dynamics at scale. 3motionAI’s powerful 3DNeuroNET Engine for motion performance provides instant, actionable, and easy-to-assess metrics.

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